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Fighting Spam

You might be wondering what this little box is for

Anti-Spam Code

I have it on many pages of the site. If you click the box you will see a long list of rubbish email addresses. This will do no harm to your computer.

Nasty people use 'Spam Bots' to search through web pages looking for email addresses. These addresses are then used by spammers to send junk emails, sometimes genuine adverts, occasionally containing viruses.

The above box provides the 'Bots' with lots of tasty email addresses - unfortunately (for the spammers) they do not exist. But their computers fill up with these addresses, which means they have to spend time removing them. With a bit of luck they might even stop the spammers for a few hours.

Because my email address used to be visible on the site I get lots of spam. My new contact address is hidden (see Mailto Page), time will tell if this has worked.

If you want to know more about Spam Fighting, try the following links:

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