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The 10th Wozwolf Rally, 31st August to 2nd September 2007 – The X-Rated

The day had arrived; We had to set up the rally at a new venue, on a different date to usual, and after many weeks of rallies being troubled by flood and mud. The forecast was good; Lincolnshire Showground was dry – and full of Christians.
Red Arrows
After much negotiation it was agreed we could stay on site overnight, on condition that the bikers couldn't get at the Christians
Big Marquee - Big Light Show
Setting up a site like that takes time; much of which was lost on Wednesday morning waiting for the site to be cleared. Then the Red Arrows came out to play and work slowed down again. But by Friday the job was done and the tried and tested layout formerly seen in the pavilion of Newark Showground now graced a large marquee near Lincoln.
You meet the strangest people.......
What met the arriving party animals was a large stage flanked by two forty foot bars – bars which offered the thirsty riders (for it was a dry day) a massive range of real ales including the now legendary X-Rated 10% Ale.
Lots of real ale
Entertainments started with Uniting The Elements, over from Germany and rocking their way around the country at a host of rallies and festivals. They set a high standard for the rest of the night; and the other bands were up to the challenge.
Uniting The Elements
Meanwhile, elsewhere in the marquee, efforts were being made to lighten the dray man's load as folk set about the real ale with gusto. And outside the marquee the stalls almost managed to compete with the activities of members of the Pissed and Passed it MCTC as an alternative source of entertainment. Take a load of younger bikers, mostly serving or recently demobbed squaddies, put em in a field with alcohol and be amused. Fortunately nobody was injured.
Pissed and Passed it MCTC
Beholder took up the baton from UTE and blew a few minds with a rocking set inspired by old school and new wave heavy metal. It's been reported that more than one member of this band found the X-Rated 10% Ale a further source of inspiration.
Mention must be made here of the music between bands, provided by our old friend Polly, ably assisted by Creature and Mrs Creature. The third band of the evening was Too-Rex and they had the audience up and dancing with a set which was truly evocative of Marc Bolan and his band.
The Wozwolf Rally is affectionately known, to Wozwolf members as well as the many bikers who keep coming back for more, as “The Wolf”. And so, as we awaited the final band of the evening on the 10th Anniversary Rally, a giant “wolf” strode into the marquee. This was one part of the weekend which took club members as much by surprise as it did the audience. Reminiscent of Eddy and Iron Maiden, one wonders if this will become a regular feature of “The Wolf”.
It's a Woluf
And the appearance of a giant wolf was followed by the Vampires Rock show. Not yet on tour, they agreed to step in at late notice after the planned headline band dropped out. This was a performance and a half. As much visual as audible, we saw a stripped down version, due to the late notice, and I heard many folk comment that they would be off to see them again when the tour begins.
Vampires Rock show
First band on Saturday was General Skullduggery, two thirds of the Beermonsters went into this band – and they got the afternoon's entertainments of to a great start.
General Skullduggery
Silly games were announced by the arrival of the “Chavton” tank, with it's high powered water cannon and optional lance and it was straight into dizzy sticks.
Chavton Tank
Pissed and Passed It MCTC were once again highly visible, as they dealt with their rally virgins. Much use of food, sauces and catering waste was evident, topped off with the entire contents of a feather pillow.
Pissed and Passed It MCTC
Jousting on a slippery pole was followed by a wet t-shirt competition – both events were great fun.
Jousting on a slippery pole
Then to the old favourite of Wozwolf Rallies – the slug throwing. Once, long ago, it was a competition to see who could throw their cling film wrapped mate the furthest down the slippery slope.
slug throwing
Now it is more of a general free for all – handy really, as the “Games Team” forgot to write down any winners (apart from the wet t-shirt competition).
zimmer frame race

The final game was a zimmer frame race – good to see Haystax from the 100% Biker forum and Ken of the NABD setting the pace.
Custom Show
Games over and the arena turned into a bike show – just like that. Whilst the show was on Exhibit A provided a musical accompaniment – loved Glen's inflatable guitar. Some very nice machines on display once again and I've got a list of winners somewhere.
Custom Show
I heard but didn't see the set by The Almaboobies which followed the show – but have it on good authority that they rocked (well, Stefan was up dancing with them), and it sounded good.
The Almaboobies and Mr Creature
Dizzy Lizzy followed with a mega set. Some folk don't like tribute bands. But with bands of this quality you'd have to really hate the original band if you didn't at least start tapping your feet. Visually and musically they were the business.
Dizzy Lizzy
Before the final band of the rally the trophies were presented – Bike show, long distance, club turnout and the Wet T-Shirt winner.
And one of the Wozwolf's oldest friends and hardest working marshals asked for the microphone. Shep proposed to Lesley in front of, as he put it, “my family” - fortunately she said yes.
"Will you marry me?"
End with a bang? Yes, as the Gangsters of Ska frontman fired his pistol into the air to launch the final musical performance of the night.
Gangsters of Ska
Possibly a purist might object to the genre, but this band puts on such a great show that I'm sure even the most committed rock aficionado would be out there dancing with the rest.
Gangsters of Ska
Thanks to the male and female “exotic dancers” for their patience, as they waited for the final encore of Gangsters of Ska before they could entertain us.
Exotic Dancer
Following the removal of clothes was the grand draw. Three very nice prizes were up for grabs
Our Guests

Wet T-Shirt Competition - Charlotte Fulton

Sue Chapman Award - 130 Miles – Sarah Phelps-Scott

Long Distance Female - 362 Miles – Katrina Aves
Long Distance Male - 620 Miles – Geoff Mills

Foreign Long Distance Male - 353 Miles – Robert Mayens – Zedelgem in Belgium

Foreign Long Distance Female - 330 Miles – Pascale Droissart – Zedelgem in Belgium

Club Turnout
5th Rising Moon 19
4th 4FS 20
3rd Freedom Riders 23
2nd Brothers of the 3rd Wheel 25
1st Pissed and Passed It 26

Best Bike & Best Paintwork Yvonne

Gillies T86 GM0 (Blackpool Phoenix)

Best British Carlos K2 FTW Triumph Speedster

Best Engineering Chris YK55 FD0

Best Trike Julian Wild V957 KGU V-Max Trike

Best Rat Rat Boy Roy – UC4 522Y

Our Guests
Our Guests
Money for the Air Ambulance
Bohemian Rhapsody
Bohemian Rhapsody
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