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4th Fox’n’Dale Rally – 20th – 22nd May 2005

The Weather forecast was not good and the sky was grey. I donned my waterproofs and set off. Having been to Foxholes a few times in the past, I knew where I was going. Being a navigator does not, however, guarantee that I always find my way (at least not on land).
So after a ciggy in the Staxton Hill picnic area, I turned around and went in the right direction. Got me tent up in scorching sunshine, with time to spare before the rain started.
Spent the rest of Friday slowly slipping into an alternative way of life as I met up with folk, some people I haven’t seen in years.
That includes Roger, founder of a magazine dedicated to the Alternative Way Of Life, who did valiant service driving the ‘Dale Bus’ – a 4x4 with a massive engine which was constantly to be seen tackling the back way to the Dale.
Rucko was providing his mix of music; the atmosphere was relaxed, with scattered outbreaks of hilariousness. No one noticed when the music stopped after Rucko melted his power supply, reason being the band quickly slipped a cd into their setup and kept things going until the disco was back.
The band, Valhalla, played a good set and there was much dancing. There are fewer photos of the late evening as I was laughing so much at someone’s antics my beer leapt up out of the glass and attacked my flash gun.
Saturday morning arrived in the usual way (tea, painkillers, bacon butty). If it hadn’t been for a shortage of funds I would have stayed on site, but as a few mates were headed for Scarborough I made the effort and joined them.
You’ll probably see a pic of Trike Tony and his Skull headed staff; the reaction of people in Scarborough to this Mad Max type apparition was amazing.
Money and flash batteries acquired and it was down to the front for a bite to eat. There was a very nice bike outside the Bike Safe stand – the Police logo and little blue light were so discrete.
Back to site just in time for the Custom Show. Once again there were some terrific entries. A contemporary Triumph with some very nice engineering features seemed to combine modern streetfighter design with café racer looks. It provoked much discussion amongst the many rallygoers wandering around.
Nearby was a Harley which had achieved its owner’s objective; it really did look like a black and white photograph.
‘Borg’ was present – I first saw this bike three years ago at this event and it still looks outstanding.
Three wheels were also well represented with some nice engineering features.
Before it got dark I decided I’d better get some pictures down the Dale, so I hitched a ride on the ‘bus’ and wandered around. Unfortunately the memory card I was using at the time decided to die before I could get the pics onto my computer.
The Dale was not as crowded as it used to be when the Farmyard was held there, but the fires, people riding off roaders, food cooking and the general laid back atmosphere still make you feel like you’ve slipped into another dimension. You can totally forget the outside world; better than any foreign holiday. And I got fed; thanks Kev.
Back up the hill and time for the presentations. The judges had 7 trophies to award. No set categories, so they were able to recognise bikes/trikes on their individual merits. The Best of Show Award went to a stunning XJR1300.

If some of my pics from Saturday night look like they’re shot from a different perspective and more smiling faces are present, it’s because Tony’s youngest decided to handcuff herself to me and then took over the camera.

Dirty Dreamers and Spank The Monkey provided the evening’s live entertainment, along with a strange and impromptu acrobatic performance from some of the audience.

Both bands played excellent sets and the crowd danced on til the wee small hours.

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