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Eagles MCC – 2nd Swamp Donkey Rally

24th – 26th June 2005

Had a bit of lunch; thought I’d get on site early to pitch up, then home for doctor's appointment. Wrong.
Finished eating and the heavens opened. Did make it in time to get tent up, and then went straight to quacks. Don’t think he should have weighed me in me boots and leathers though.

The rally took place on a scout site. Beer tent, with the Eagles Catering Team set up at one entrance providing good food.

Scout hut adjacent to beer was home to Creature for the weekend. It also housed proper toilets. The portaloos outside were healthy all weekend.
Creature spinning his discs was Friday night’s official entertainment. He was ably assisted by men in headdress and a spirited rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody a la Wayne’s World, from Pissed and Passed It and some Wozwolves.
Another part of the night’s entertainment, which I missed, was Liz doing a naked balloon dance to celebrate her 60th birthday (please send me the pic, Sally).
If ever there was a family rally, this was it. Liz, her two daughters, grandchildren and a great grandchild. All bikers.
Saturday saw many walking to the pub. ‘Twas there we saw the newspaper pics of Glastonbury; eerily reminiscent of the weekend before.
Made us all grateful for the relatively dry site we were on. I did my daily exercise by briskly walking to the Co-Op in the next village before returning to site.
Back on site and Onk showed us all how not to empty the bladder, by falling over in the nettles at the side of the field. I offered first aid; to all those who looked like they were hyperventilating.
First on Saturday night’s entertainments bill was Kick ‘n’ Rush; a manic blend of skiffle and stand-up comedy. They kept us entertained in the beer tent performing three sets, with short breaks for folk to catch their breath. Well worth a look (01623 648236).
Whilst we were being entertained in the beer tent, Black jack were setting up in the scout hut. They later gave us a couple of highly polished, dance inducing, sets. Hope to see them again (01536 395305).
A decent fire in a fire pit, with nice grassy banks on three sides, provided a mellow gathering place to sit and chill at the end of the night.
This was the Eagles’ second rally, I missed the first, and I’m looking forward to the next.

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