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Druids MCC - Poser Rally 17th – 19th June 2005

It’s been a few years since I did the Poser, although I have managed to make the Druids MCC Icy Ale Rally, in December, quite often over the years – go figure?
This was one of those rare occasions when I managed to get to a rally without getting lost. Strange, as I’m taking tablets which list “dizziness, sleepiness, hallucinations” amongst the side effects. Because of these tablets I’m supposed to refrain from alcohol. But, as it was me birthday on the Friday, I did allow myself to get a bit tipsy.
It was so hot - must be the longest I’ve taken to put me tent up. Eventually wandered down to marquee for beer. Frequent requests from a group of old friends to take someone’s pics – equally frequent threats of having camera inserted from “someone”. Met up with the disco folk, Paranoid, who I haven’t seen for a few years.
Friday night saw ZZ Stop take the stage. No prizes for guessing which pictures are of they. The managed, despite the heat, to get people up and dancing and played a terrific set. Look forward to seeing them again.
Saturday saw everyone being very laid back – little choice really as people found shady spots too sit and chat.
Eventually I was cajoled into a visit to the pub. This involves a walk down hill to the village; not such a problem, but anticipating the walk back up was horrible.
We turned the corner and were met by a scene which should be plastered everywhere. Groups of bikers sat around tables, under those big brolly things; others lounging on the grass; all enjoying the sun and the atmosphere (and the beer). The tranquillity broken occasionally as “someone” once again resisted photography.
Inside the pub was a similar scene, perhaps folk slightly more animated, as it was definitely cooler inside than out. Good food and good beer. Well done the Blue Horse at Skillington.
Not the only pub in the village, but the only one serving bikers. A little joke heard at the bar “you running out of glasses? Shall I nip next door and borrow some?”
The serenity was shattered by a maniac in a shiny German helmet attacking a poor innocent biker, using a very large super soaker. Did you spend a lot of time polishing that helmet, Cinders? This, of course, provoked a series of retaliatory attacks back on site.
My horrible premonitions about walking back up the hill were groundless – I managed to get a lift back (passing a gun-toting maniac on the way).
Back on site and the barbies were being lit; many wet people shaking fists at a helmeted maniac and a birthday cake with 1 blue and 1 pink candle appeared.
I shared my birthday with two other club members – happy birthday Slapper and Floozy.
After eating some hot pig products a large “innocent” biker grabbed a large water pistol from a helmeted man and proceeded to chase him around the field. Didn’t think Paul the Stall could run that fast (or that far).
These tablets seem to be affecting my memory, as I cannot remember the name of the brilliant band which entertained us Saturday night. Lots of dancing ensued as they played into the early hours of Sunday.
Lots of beer throwing also ensued as Paul and Cinders continued to seek revenge against each other. Happy to say no innocent bystanders involved, well, other than me.
Interesting trophy presentations. Some nice trophies, but before they could be taken away the recipients had to dress in some strange items of clothing.
Many awards taken by Wotans-Driver MC from Germany. We had to stand and admire their arrival on site Friday afternoon. Bikes parked in a straight line. Fold up chairs appeared and they proceeded to sit and drink. Eventually they put their tents up. Well cool.

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