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The Buxom Sisters May Ball & Enchanted Weekend 2005

Another Friday, another ride to Lumb Farm. It’s become quite a popular rally site. And for the first time, after so many trips there, I didn’t get lost. Friday night started slowly – which gave me a chance to talk to people I haven’t seen for a while. In fact, I spent so much time talking, I didn’t get any pics of the band, Totally Obscene. I could hear them though, and they played a good set.
Sometime during the evening Wobbly Bob returned from testing the beer in Ripley. He continued to test the beer, but the birthday boy he’d dragged around with him fell by the wayside.
To give ‘Baldrik’ his due, he returned to Ripley with Bob on Saturday and repeated the tests. He also won the Best Trike trophy, which he generously passed around later on. By the time I surfaced on Saturday the beer testers had departed. More old friends continued to arrive and I spent a very lazy day just wandering around talking and drinking.
The laid back day ended with the arrival of the Buxom Sisters under full sail, and most of the crowd had joined in by dressing for the event as well.
As we have come to expect from the May Ball & Enchanted Weekend, there were some great trophies. By the time they were presented I was still capable of taking pics, but not able to remember who won what. There was a prize for Belle of the Ball, and another for Best Accessory. Club turnout and distance trophies, and best bike & trike and such like. Even one for the youngest rider on site.
I think that the band came on after the presentations. Nuclear Minogue are flamboyant – and they play a great set – even managing to play without missing a beat whilst being mobbed by the Buxom ladies.
They also let Max, son of Buxom Tracy, get up and play along with them - well done Max and respect to Nuclear Minogue. The end of the set seemed to flow naturally into the evening’s games (though that could just be in my mind). As the set progressed the ladies started to dance with the band, the band’s rubber cockerels started to play with the crowd and a juggler started to play with his balls. Fortunately I have the photos to prove this was all real.
As the band started to pack up, the games kept us all amused. You might have played ‘statues’ at school, but I doubt it was anything like ‘Musical Poses’.
With music, and a list of situations drawn up in conclave in the control tent, many brightly dressed people, some of them real women, proceeded to throw themselves into a variety of hilarious poses. The rubber cockerels even got involved. The grand finale was ‘naked skydiving’, but there were still three posers remaining so a decider was played – ‘pole dancing around a buxom sister’.
The finalists were Alan from Black Widows, Scouse of PiLRC and Lisa (who won). To quote Buxom Tracy “the memory of a naked Scouse pole dancing around me is indelibly etched on my brain cells!”
An eating game for couples, involving marshmallow sausages and two sets of teeth; and a drinking game involving large bottles of limeade with turquoise food colouring and straws provided suitable warm down exercises after the frenzy of the Musical Poses. The party continued for many hours, both in the pub and around a blazing bonfire. The fire jugglers provided a suitable backdrop to the relaxing end to a manic night.
Thanks to the Buxom Sisters and their helpers, the bands and disco and Lumb Farm for a great weekend. I hope I’m in the country next year for the Buxom Sisters May Ball & Enchanted Weekend.

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